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SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, JavaScript-driven SVG drawing editor that works in any modern browser.


Help wanted

SVG-Edit is the most popular open source SVG editor. It was started more than 10 years ago by a fantastic team of developers. Unfortunately, the product was not maintained for a quite long period. We decided to give this tool a new life by refreshing many aspects. If you can help us to maintain SVG-Edit, you are more than welcome!


Thanks to Netlify, you can test the following builds:

Try SVG-edit V7-preview here

Try SVG-edit 5.1.0 here

Try SVG-edit 6.1.0 here


Quick install

  1. Clone or copy the repository contents
  2. run npm i to install dependencies
  3. run npm run start to start a local server
  4. Use your browser to access http://localhost:8000/src/editor/index.html

Integrating SVG-edit into your own application

V7 is changing significantly the way to integrate and customize SVG-Edit. The documentation will be detailed here.

SVG-Edit is made of two major components:

  1. The “svgcanvas” that takes care of the underlying svg edition. It can be used to build your own editor. See example in the demos folder or the svg-edit-react repository.
  2. The “editor” that takes care of the editor UI (menus, buttons, etc.)

For earlier versions of SVG-Edit, please look in their respective branches.

Supported browsers

- Opera 59+,
- Chrome 75+,
- FireFox 68+,
- Safari 11+
- Edge 18+

Support for old browsers may require to use an older version of the package. However,
please open an issue if you need support for a specific version of your browser so
the project team can decide if we should support with the latest version.

Further reading and more information


SVGedit versions are deployed to: Deploys by Netlify