Projects used by SVG-edit

Like many open source projects, SVG-edit depends on other open source projects. This page acknowledges these projects and the many software developers across the globe without which our software would be sorely lacking.


Jonathan Resig’s jQuery library was chosen as a basis for the project since the beginning. The power of jQuery really lets us focus on the functionality and not worry about all the intricacies of mixing with the HTML, CSS and SVG DOM.


Christopher Tillman’s awesome jPicker is used as our fill/stroke picker. The source code repository is now hosted at GoogleCode.

Christopher was gracious enough to take suggestions from Pavol on how to incorporate opacity and some callback functionality back upstream into jPicker.


Jeff Schiller created the excellent jGraduate plugin to select SVG gradients in SVG-edit.


Gabe Lerner’s excellent canvg library has helped us bypass browsers’ inability to save SVG files an PNGs, by first rendering SVG images in an HTML5 Canvas element.

jQuery UI

We use jQuery-UI for making the dialog boxes (color picker, document properties) draggable, as well as for the opacity slider.


js-hotkeys is used to bind all keyboard events in the editor.

JQuery Web Spin-Button

George Adamson’s Web Spin-Button provided a starting point to implementing a cross-browser spin control in SVG-edit. A few bugs were fixed with compatibility and sent back to George for hopeful inclusion in the next version of his jQuery plugin.

SVG Icon Loader

Alexis Deveria’s svg-icon-loader is used to load in all the SVG icons for the SVG-edit user interface.


Many of the icons used in SVG-edit come from the Tango Desktop Project which are released into the public domain. We also used a couple of icons from the Silk Icon Project, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Finally, some of the icons were hand-drawn (in SVG-edit itself).